Baby rooms

Children are tender and very sensitive toward environmental conditions. By monitoring temperature and humidity of the baby’s room, causes of many discomforts can be discovered and treated. A window being left open can cause as much trouble as a poorly ventilated room with exceeded level of humidity. It’s always helpful to monitor the ambient conditions of kids’ room and receive alarms as soon as it’s become inconvenient.

“bun” provides an easy and affordable monitoring solution with no need for any infrastructure. The device always monitors temperature and humidity based on your previously set conditions and informs you immediately if temperature or humidity exceeds or falls from your defined limits.

Our wireless humidity and temperature logger which connects directly to your WiFi or 3G/4G router without the need for battery replacement is a proper solution for your business. You always have 24/7 access to your readouts, reports and history graphs on your phone, tablet or computer.

“bun” provides an easy and affordable monitoring solution with no need for any infrastructure. The device always monitors temperature and humidity based on your previously set conditions and informs you immediately if temperature or humidity exceeds or falls from your defined limits.

All you need is peace of mind!

“bun hygro” or simply "bun" is a temperature and relative humidity (RH) recorder-alarm system. It automatically  measures temperature and RH at desired intervals, stores all records on its internal memory, and syncs them via Wi-Fi to a cloud-based application named LoggerMaster. It is powered by an internal ultralong-life battery (up to 20 years). Recording intervals can be flexibly adjusted from 1 minute to 2 hours, and upload intervals can vary from every minute to once a week.

As an alarm system, "bun" immediately uploads the records if the measured values exceed or fall below the user-defined limits, and then then notifies the user via e-mail and SMS.

All the records (logs) are always accessible through LoggerMaster web-based application on any platform.

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Get rid of wires!
Get rid of batteries too!

“bun” does not require any external power supply. You do not even need to change batteries, “bun” works up to 20 years on a single built-in battery!

Rest assured 24/7, A tireless eye is watching your business! 

"bun" records the temperature and RH 24/7, and notifies you via email and SMS if measured parameters are out of your defined range. You will be notified if “bun” cannot reach the internet. 

with "bun", manual readings of temperature and RH are no longer smart!

Access your records, anywhere, anytime !

All the records from the moment you set up your "bun" are stored on the cloud. You can access all the readouts 24/7 no matter how far you are or what device you use to connect to internet. As long as you can access your web account you are in full control.

Don't worry!  I am fine!

“bun” is designed to constantly monitor the device proper function and performance, self-diagnose the problems and alarm you any error. Device will send you notification when the battery is low long before it dies. Also, if there is no update from your “bun” you will receive email and SMS notifications from server.

Saves you a lot!

Powerful and affordable, "bun” saves you a lot of potential loss and trouble by saving your business just in time. It reduces the manpower, time and cost for regular monitoring and recording of temperature and humidity every day. It also eliminates the possible errors via manual readings.

“Devil is in the details”

You always have access to the full history of each single readout your "bun" records with time stamp. All readouts can be extracted in EXCEL format for further analysis, abnormal changes, and troubleshooting of your air conditioning or refrigeration systems.

Keep track of the peaks !

Useful information like average, minimum and maximum values of recorded temperature and RH can be extracted for any time interval. These records are accessible to view in form of graphs and to be downloaded in PDF format.

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

Following the trend of variations in temperature and RH is much easier on a graph than looking at staggering numbers. Reaching to graphs is only one click away. Graphs can be extracted for any interval from latest upload back to the moment of installation, and also can be downloaded in JPG, PDF and SVG formats.

Hook it up to your Wi-Fi router 

“bun” connects directly to your Wi-Fi or 3G/4G router, and automatically uploads the readouts in adjustable intervals. So, you don’t need to manually extract the records from the logger with USB cable. It is always synced with the cloud. Our technical team can set up a full Wi-Fi coverage for your area in less than an hour. 


No wire at all

”bun” automatically stores all measurements in its internal memory, and syncs them with LoggerMaster cloud-based application via a WiFi or 3G/4G router. Access your data from anywhere by simply logging into your account and export the log reports and graphs you need in just a few seconds.


Will keep you posted 24/7

“bun” constantly monitors temperature and RH fluctuations at your facilities 24/7, and keeps you posted via text massage and email if anything goes wrong. “bun” automatically backs up all recordings on a cloud and guarantees minimum signal pollution in your environment.


Has been designed for real world

Unlike other measuring devices , “bun” is not a vulnerable gadget. It is a reliable companion designed for tough conditions. A sturdy enclosure protects it from impacts and physical damages. “bun” also benefits from IP54 dust and water resistant enclosures.



Simplicity is our philosophy

We are here to solve your problems not replace them with new ones! 
We’ve made “bun” simple and easy to setup without the need for a professional installer. “bun” is %100 maintenance free without even needing to replace its ultra-long life battery.

LoggerMaster Cloud Based Software

All measurements are recorded on internal memory of “bun” and automatically uploaded into a user-friendly cloud-based platform. “bun” syncs with LoggerMaster through WiFi in adjustable intervals, so you don't need to manually connect it to your phone or computer to retrieve the readouts.  

Simply visit, create your personal account and add as many devices as you need. Once you’re logged in, you can see all recorded measurements for each bun in forms of numbers and graphs ready for further analysis. You can also download your data in Excel or PDF formats, and also change the settings to receive notifications via email or SMS.

LoggerMaster is a web-based online application, so does not require installation of any software on your computer, tablet or phone; although applications for mobile and tablet are available. Easily access real-time profiles of your many buns from any location on any platform.


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